Predigten von P. Martin Löwenstein SJ

Predigt zum Patricksday 2001

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17. März 2001 - St. Michael, Göttingen


  • I want you to go on a journey 1600 years back with me: A 15 year old boy living in England is being captured by Gaelic robbers. They kidnap him and soon sell him to Ireland. He is to work as a shepherd there.
  • First of all he liked it. He liked the idea of being a shepherd. But then: he didn't want to be a slave! When he reached the age of 21 he managed to escape and went back to "his world". First of all to England later to the south of France. He became a monk there and he started to study the gospel.
  • One time, it was late in the evening, he fell asleep in front of his computer screen. Suddenly there was a knock, knock. You are the one… "…I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations" - "Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves."


  • So Patrick went back to Ireland being a shepherd again, but now he was a bishop. He was also helpless like a sheep among the savage Irish. He went thru the land he had been sold to when he was a little boy and told the gospel. That's how those robbers gave Ireland it's missionary.
  • Patrick brought the Good News to the savage Irish. In no other country people got so enthusiastic. That's why Ireland became the island of the saints. Many people changed their lives to follow Jesus.
  • Patrick became the Nation's saint but he was also relevant for all Europe: After the migration of peoples devastated the continent it was the Irish who brought back civilization and faith.


  • We're somehow used to being kidnapped and brought to a place we don't like: sometimes we see ourselves in a job or even a world we didn't choose. Sometimes we react with living in hatred and rejection.
  • But, perhaps you just didn't hear the "knock, knock…". Maybe you can find out what you're chosen for right where you are.
  • Patrick's fate became his lifetime-job. He told other people the gospel. The word gospel means good spell, good news. That is good news for you: If you want to become a saint you can do that at the place where you are living. Even if it is an island where you were brought to by an ugly fait. Wherever you live, Jesus is the good news for you giving you the new life of the gospel. Amen.